Foundation Repair

The foundation of a house is essential to the safety, value, and aesthetics of the home. It’s very important to be able to feel comfortable with the condition of your home’s foundation.

Tidewater Home Improvement has many years of experience in working with foundations and crawlspaces. We value our work as the highest quality and take pride in our customer service.

Common Foundation Problems

Cracked foundation walls – after many years, it’s possible for moisture, pressure, and other factors to cause a crack to form in the structure. This is a common problem that does happen, and it needs immediate attention from a professional.

Walls tilting – Water and soil can cause a wall in the crawlspace or basement to lean in or out. If you notice that a wall no longer looks straight, then you will want to have us take a look to find out if it’s going to be a problem.

Warped walls – Again, water and soil can put pressure on a wall to cause problems. In this case it’s not a crack or a lean but a bowed look. It will usually accompany cracks, but warped walls can occur as well. If you notice that your crawlspace looks like the middle of the wall is bowed inward at a concave angle, please have us come take a look.

Sinking foundation – when the soil settles underneath your foundation walls or floor, it can cause problems as well. Erosion causes the soil to wash away, leaving a space underneath your foundation. Don’t let this problem go, it can cause very serious damage to the structure of the foundation.

Chimney not straight – if your chimney looks like it’s no longer straight up in the air, have us take a look. This could be an indication that you may need foundation repair to fix some issues.

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Foundation Repair in Hampton Roads VA

Foundations are literally what homes are built on, and any problems that occur will impact the safety and integrity of a structure. The longer you wait to address an issue, the more costly and problematic it will become. Not only can it make a space unsafe to be in, it also drastically lowers the value of a home. As the foundation deteriorates, so does the rest of the home, creating a snowball effect.

There are quite a few warning signs you can look out for if you suspect that your foundation is causing problems within your home. Look for cracks in the walls, or in the basement or crawlspace concrete floor. If your floor feels uneven, like one side of the home is higher than another, that could be caused by a sinking foundation or foundation upheaval. Cabinets or counters coming away from the wall, windows or doors that don’t properly close, and a damp crawl space or basement can all be signs of foundational problems.

No one wants to have issues with their home’s foundation. It can be expensive and stressful to deal with. If you think your home is showing signs of foundational issues, call Tidewater Home Improvement to schedule a thorough home assessment. Our highly trained professionals will come to your home, assess the problem, determine the cause, and map out a plan of action to correct your foundation. After our initial assessment, we will provide you with an estimate and details about what to expect during the repair. Our goal at Tidewater Home Improvement is to put our clients at ease by providing clear communication and efficient, high-quality work. If you have to deal with foundation issues, go with a high quality team, so you don’t have another problem down the road. Call Tidewater Home Improvement to schedule your assessment today.

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